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Bev Rodin - Nature and light

Bev Rodin is interested in atmospheric light, transparency, movement and moments in time. Each original archival painting on canvas combines large gestural brushwork, traditional and contemporary painting techniques and multiple glazes. In essence, Bev's art reveals both the poetic and the beautiful in the natural phenomena that surround her life.

Date and place of birth
Bev Rodin's diverse landscape themes reflect her experiences as both a child and an adult living in Alberta, Ontario, Northern Québec, Saskatchewan, Colorado and British Columbia. As an outdoor enthusiast, she travelled and enjoyed adventures in Canada from coast to coast. She now shares her time between her studio in southern Ontario and a waterfront property in the Magnetewan area, near Algonquin Park. >>

Training and career
Studies with well-known artists combined with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan, a Masters from Norwich University and a PhD from the University of Toronto have given Bev a strong background in design and colour.

Bev's current acrylic painting technique springs from her award winning experience as a watercolourist and oil painter. She also studied Japanese brush painting, did large scale painted backdrops for film post production and illustrated children's books, all with a generous dose of serendipity.

Her work and her art
Bev Rodin is an accomplished artist who paints with a flowing, rhythmic line. She's known for her contemporary and distinctive paintings of light and atmosphere. Her expressive paintings celebrate the joy, beauty and moods of landscape and captures the extraordinary and brief moments of sunlight streaming through forests at different times of day. She's fascinated by reflected light on surfaces. Her process is achieved through underpainting and observing negative spaces and patterns using colours, gestural lines, abstractions and multiple glazes.

Through three dominant themes, the Forest Light, Shoreline and Garden series, she explores various seasons and light conditions by careful observation and interpretation on site as well as in studio;

"Whether out for a brisk walk, swimming in a lake, canoeing a set of rapids, exploring a beach or touring a vineyard, I often pause and look for interesting shapes and patterns: dazzling moving water, sunlight softening the edges of leaves, reflections and stunning colour. Natural colour especially in skies and reflections is frequently so surprising it takes my breath away."

TThe artist is also interested in the human responses and relationships to natural landscapes, water and the beauty of natural geometries. Everyone is invited to view and interpret her work giving it their own meaning. She can't imagine her life without art and the magic and the truth it reveals.

At La Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur
Since December 2012.

Bev Rodin Bev Rodin Bev Rodin
Bev Rodin Bev Rodin Bev Rodin
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Bev Rodin - Daybreak Woodland Garden

Bev Rodin - Daybreak Woodland Garden
40" x 40" x 2", 2019