Daniel Renaud

Daniel Renaud - Conjuring up the soul of the islands

Daniel Renaud's work is a powerful tribute to the Magdalen Islands, their combative residents and the generous sea. Through the world he sculpts with lyricism, the artist treats us to the treasures the sea has hidden in pieces of alabaster.

Date and place of birth
Born in 1964 in the Magdalen Islands, Daniel Renaud is an artist whose work as well as his life bears the distinct imprint of his native land. For this child of the sea, shells and headlands, the world at large and individual objects take on the hue of islands rocked by the waves, redolent of salt spray borne on the wind. In addition to his island heritage, Daniel received a very valuable gift from his father, a woodworker. From a very young age, his father's work taught him that our imagination can give shape to objects in our life. >>

Training and career
At a very early age, Daniel's creative drive led him to develop his knowledge of art. He studied drawing, painting, watercolour and bas relief sculpture. A few years later, he discovered his artistic niche in alabaster. The sawdust and wood chips in his father's shop were soon mixed with stone dust. Through successive exhibitions, he has consistently achieved renown for his magical ability to conjure up the soul of these enchanting islands.

His work and his art
Alabaster from the Magdalen Islands is famous for its wide range of colours and is truly the source of this artist's creativity. The local stone is more colourful and opaque than its Italian relative, and is found nowhere else.

As he carefully works on a sculpture, the artist listens closely to what the stone tells him. It speaks to him about lines, currents and tides. Without pretence but with great conviction, rarely striking off large chips, he gently removes successive layers of stone dust to bring his work into the light.

Daniel Renaud remains an abiding presence in his work, which is a blend of figurative and stylized technique. As he strives for simplicity, the artist surprises us with the richness of his creations and presents us with treasures the sea has hidden in stone.

At La Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur
Since 1999.

Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud
Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud
Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud Daniel Renaud
Daniel Renaud
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Daniel Renaud - #19062 Complice de notre amour

Daniel Renaud - #19062 Complice de notre amour
12" x 15" x 9", 2019