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Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov, signing

Maya Eventov, painter

Maya Eventov is a painter originally from Russia who now lives in Ontario. She creates canvases with a unique sculpted texture representing landscapes, flowers and characters. His works are characterized by a thick application of acrylic paint using palette knives of different sizes.

Maya Eventov - a quest into the unknown

His date and place of birth
Maya Eventov was born in 1964 in Leningrad, now known as Saint Petersburg, in the former Soviet Union. Today, she and her family reside in suburban Toronto, Ontario.

His education, his career
Maya began her formal artistic training in Leningrad art schools, but her true artistic education was formed over countless hours spent in Leningrad's many museums, including the famous Hermitage Museum. The works of the post-impressionists and those of the Russian avant-garde particularly fascinate her. After attending the Leningrad High College of Art and Design, she obtained a master's degree in graphic design in 1987. She then began working as a children's book illustrator.

Taking advantage of the fall of the "Iron Curtain", Maya began to travel and eventually immigrated to Canada in the early 1990s. This change of scenery gave her the freedom to explore, create and break away from the classic way of painting. that she had studied in Russia. "I am a cheerful person; I love beautiful flowers and landscapes. I am captivated by smells and colors that convey the strength of emotion in a happy painting." Today his work is featured in galleries across Canada, Britain and the United States.

Maya Eventov, painter

His work, his art
Maya Eventov creates acrylic canvases with a unique sculpted texture representing landscapes, flowers and characters. The result is a powerful painterly expression that offers an idyllic window of escape for anyone looking at it. His atmospheric forest scenes vibrate with light and color and are reminiscent of a stained glass window lit from behind by bright sunlight.

Maya's works are characterized by the thick application of acrylic paint using palette knives of varying sizes. His distinctive technique, which consists of painting and engraving his material, allows him to construct each composition thanks to a bewitching vocabulary of textures and nuances. This is how the painting can come to life through the reaction of the viewer's eye to the subtle changes in color and tone. The result is amazing mosaics of rich, vivid and vibrant colors, sometimes blended, sometimes pure.

Maya Eventov's paintings are works that we take pleasure in contemplating from near and far; up close, the smaller, regular strokes help create depth and detail, and from a distance, the combination of colors and textures comes into its own, evoking subjects imbued with mystery, peace and joie de vivre.

Maya Eventov has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since September 2021.