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Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell, signing

Shelley Mitchell, painter

Shelley Mitchell was born in 1952 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She divides her time between her hometown and Lunenburg, always on the lookout for beautiful boats to paint. Particularly attracted to early and late day light – when the colors are rich and the shadows deep, it likes to linger on the surface of the water.

Shelley Mitchell - Along the water

His date and place of birth
Shelley Mitchell was born in 1952 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, she divides her time between Halifax and Lunenburg.

His education, his career
Shelley Mitchell initially had a career as an architectural designer and project manager for many years before returning to the University of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she earned a BA in painting and art history. . Since then, his works have been exhibited in the Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Maine.

His work, his art
The Atlantic Coast, with its ever-changing atmosphere and the diversity of land, sea and coastline, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist. Each moment of the day and each change of atmosphere conceals new beauties to paint. Particularly attracted to the light at the beginning and end of the day – when the colors are rich and the shadows deep, it likes to linger on the surface of the water, getting lost in its reflections.

In Shelley Mitchell's oils, a boat is reflected imperfectly and sometimes even surprisingly perfectly in the water, creating an alluring symphony of color, line and texture. The way the colors lie elegantly in the reflection is reminiscent of the intricate folds of rich fabrics.

The artist does not spare his efforts to unearth beautiful artisanal boats to paint. In the summer, she is constantly on the prowl, as she sails around Nova Scotia and Maine. She also makes at least one trip a year to the New England coast and willingly travels, by car if necessary, to ports in search of small shipyards and marinas.

For the artist, boats are exotic symbols of freedom, adventure and pleasure. The elegance of their design fascinates her. This is particularly true for rowing boats and other small boats which are very often handcrafted with care, skill and choice materials. Whether these boats are abandoned, in use, afloat or she imagines them in the water, she paints them as other artists paint the human figure – as a deeply meaningful object. We feel the extraordinary personality and the beauty of each one.

“What I want to evoke with my paintings is a moment in time that expresses my experience of that day surrounded by water, light and magic: a gift for me and for others. »
-Shelley Mitchell

Realistic, his art conveys a powerful emotional message. His works embody serenity, balance and escape to a moment of tranquility.

Shelley Mitchell has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since November 2020, exclusively for Quebec.