Personalized advisory service

Customer satisfaction has been in the gallery's DNA since 1986. Whether individuals, businesses, collectors or neophytes, all are invited to benefit from an improved shopping experience thanks to to the personalized advice service of Le P'tit Bonheur.

– Art gallery professionals provide unparalleled service throughout the buying process.
Your interest, your tastes and your budget are at the heart of their recommendations.

– The website is updated daily to ensure the availability of the latest artworks received.

– A newsletter allows art lovers to follow news from the gallery and their favorite artists.

– A personalized photography service provides access to additional photos and close-ups of a coveted work.

– A personalized follow-up is offered to help a client with specific requests (formats, subjects, etc.) to find works that will interest him.

– A personalized photomontage service allows you to preview the works in the space reserved for them.
This is a golden opportunity to virtually “try out” a painting at home or in your office before buying it! Do not hesitate to tell us about your favourites, then send us digital photos of your wall so that we can prepare for you a montage of the coveted paintings added to your decor.

Particularly useful to answer the thorny question of the ideal dimensions of the work to hang in a room, or to allow you to view a painting among others already in place, this free service allows you to benefit from both our expertise in art, our experience in planning and our skills with Photoshop software. Everything is done to ensure that the editing is as faithful as possible to reality. To this end, here are some guidelines:

  • Take a straight picture of the wall where the painting would be hung; it is important to position yourself opposite the place where the hook of the switchboard to be installed would normally be, then to step back in a straight line. If the photo is taken at an angle, the distortion of the image will make the assembly difficult to process and the dimensions more approximate;

    • The photo must include at least one dimension mark, to allow us to resize the painting according to the same ratio on the assembly. If possible, the ideal is to frame the wall in question in its entire width and send us its dimensions by email. If the painting is to be hung above a console, a headboard or a loveseat, it is important to frame the piece of furniture in question in its entire width on the photo and to indicate its dimensions to us by email. This will allow us to resize the painting to respect the proportions of the furniture and the room. If the wall is difficult to access (in a stairwell, for example) or if it is impossible to include a dimension mark in the photo, you can stick a strip of masking tape (green tape for paint) on the wall and measure it before taking the picture to be sent to us.

    -An artwork appraisal service is available.
    The Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery has been offering art appraisal services for over 30 years.

    If you wish to obtain an appraisal, please send us the following documents: a photo of the work, a close-up of the signature, a photo of the back of the work and a digital image of the certificate of authenticity and/or the invoice (if possible). For the paintings, it is also advisable to provide us with the dimensions without the frame.

    Please note that we cannot provide artwork appraisals over the phone. Appraisal fees may apply.

    If you would like to take advantage of any of the above services, we invite you to contact the gallery's bilingual customer service by telephone at the toll-free number 1-855-665-2060 or by email at the address