Personalized consulting service

Customer satisfaction has been in the gallery’s DNA since 1986. Whether you’re an individual or a business, a seasoned collector or a first time buyer, you’re welcome to enjoy an enhanced buying experience with Au P’tit Bonheur’s personalized consulting service.

– Our professionals provide outstanding service throughout the buying process.
They take your interests, your tastes and your budget to heart when making recommendations.

– Our website is updated daily to make sure that the latest pieces are available.

– Our newsletter allows art lovers to keep up with the gallery and their favourite artists.

– Our personalized photography service shows you additional photos and close-ups of the pieces you’re considering.

– We offer a personalized service to help clients with specific requests (size, subject, etc.) to find the perfect piece.

– A personalized photomontage service lets you see the artwork in its new home.
This is a great opportunity to virtually “try out” a painting in your home or office before you buy it. Just tell us which pieces you love, then send us digital photos of your wall and we’ll “add” them to your decor!

This free service puts our art expertise, our design experience and our Photoshop skills to use. It’s perfect for answering the tricky question of the best dimensions for a piece in a given room and lets you see what the piece would look like alongside your other artwork. We work hard to make sure that the final image is as true to life as possible. Here are some ways to make the most of this service:

  • Take a very straight picture of the wall where the painting will be displayed. Stand directly in front of the place where the painting hook will be installed, then walk backward in a straight line. If the photo is taken at an angle, the distortion of the image will make it harder to edit and the dimensions will be more approximate.

    • The photo must have at least one measurement indicator to allow us to resize the painting in the image. The best way to do this is to capture the entire wall in the photo, then send us its dimensions by email. If the painting is to be hung above a dresser, headboard or loveseat, make sure to capture the entire piece of furniture in the photo and send us its dimensions by email. This will allow us to resize the painting in the image to fit with the size of your wall or furniture. If the wall is hard to access (for example, in a stairwell) or you cannot include a size marker in the photo, you can place a strip of green painter’s tape on the wall and measure it before taking the photo.

    -We are able to appraise artwork.
    Au P’tit Bonheur has been appraising artwork for more than 30 years.

    If you would like an appraisal, please send us the following: a photo of the piece, a close-up of the signature, a photo of the back of the piece and a digital copy of the certificate of authenticity and/or invoice (if available). Please provide the unframed dimensions of paintings as well.

    Please note that we cannot provide artwork appraisals over the phone. Appraisal fees may apply.

    If you are interested in any of these services, please contact the gallery’s bilingual customer service by phone at 1-855-665-2060 (toll-free) or by email at