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Robert Savignac, painter

Robert Savignac, painter, lives in the Laurentians region, in Quebec. Born in Montreal in 1946, his work offers inviting places where the plant world offers itself as an oasis in the middle of the macadam that surrounds us. Its palette rich in pure colors gives a dimension of quiet, but feverish activity.

Robert Savignac - Gardens, sun and balcony
His date and place of birth
Robert Savignac was born in 1946. A native of Montreal, he gives the city, its closed, intimate spaces, the freshness and vitality of the countryside.

His education, his career
Robert Savignac has always felt an imperious need to paint. Also, to pursue his dream, he enrolled in his thirties in an evening course in visual arts at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. With his DEC in hand, he continued his studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). From this period, the painter remembers the pleasure he took in learning, working on the material and taming new techniques. From this time, Savignac already displays its colors; more of a craftsman than an intellectual, the artist sets aside major analyzes and theoretical study in favor of a democratic art, an accessible and authentic painting. He has devoted himself full-time to his painting since the early 90s. Robert Savignac, painter

His work, his art
In his painting, Robert Savignac reinvents the city by evoking neighborhood parks, flourishing gardens, balconies laden with flower boxes, green lawns of summer pleasures and other proofs of earthly fertility.

His work, painted in oil, offers inviting places where the plant world offers itself as an oasis. In his deliberately uninhabited paintings, the tree and the flowers are masters. Through his production, the painter wants to deliver a message of joy and optimism. This translates into an avalanche of colors on his canvases, where the flower contrasts with the greens of the leafy trees. An impression of frank cheerfulness and a felt taste of happiness emanate from his paintings.

Savignac does not attempt to be realistic. He loves flowers, it shows and he dazzles us. He is enthusiastic and generous. Far from seeking to reproduce reality, he takes all the liberties with him. Rather than subjecting himself to forms, he explores them, works on them. Although figurative, he is not concerned with the effects of depth; with him, perspective becomes discreet and theories remain abstractions. Happy audacity...

Robert Savignac has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since 1999, exclusively for Eastern Canada.