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Mickie Acierno

Mickie Acierno, signing
Mickie Acierno, painter

Mickie Acierno, a hyperrealist painter, lives near Calgary, Alberta. She paints strikingly realistic still lifes in oil, so that the objects she represents seem to come to life.

Mickie Acierno - Nature and light

His date and place of birth
Mickie Acierno was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. She has lived near Calgary, Alberta since 2017.

His education, his career
Acierno has been painting since his childhood. At the age of 11, she enthusiastically received her first tubes of oil paint for Christmas. As a teenager, she painted beautiful landscapes, first in watercolor then in oil. She taught herself the basic rudiments of her art by consulting a series of books explaining, step by step, the procedure to follow to create her first works. At 24, she is perfecting her technique by following several creative workshops.

During the years when Mickie devoted herself to the education of her three children, she painted sporadically. Then, in 2000, she enrolled in the graphic design program at the University College of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. After receiving his diploma in 2003, the artist moved to Vancouver Island and devoted himself to painting full time. She immediately develops a disciplined and professional approach.

His work, his art
Even if by definition Mickie composes still lifes, her works are alive, the objects she represents seem to come alive before our eyes. Indeed, the heightened realism and electrifying intensity of his subjects are breathtaking. His paintings shine as if they were illuminated from within.

On the canvas, Acierno begins by carefully tracing the line before working the tonal values ​​in black and white or brown and white. Then, she delicately adds multiple, thin layers of oils to achieve striking depth effects.

Inanimate objects, ranging from porcelain teapots to sparkling glass marbles, are so vividly rendered and detailed that they seem poised to leap off the canvas. When she paints fruit, as she often does, every grape, orange wedge, and piece of apple looks so vibrant that the viewer can be excused for wanting to taste them as they make your mouth water. Mickie expresses herself in a multitude of formats that vary in size; if the effect of his large canvases is breathtaking, the smaller ones have nothing to envy.

Over the course of his experience, the artist has developed an ingenious and realistic style of composition. Vitality and energy emanates from his still lifes. Like characters in a play, his objects magically tell endless stories.

Mickie Acierno has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since June 2013.

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