The gallery is located at 265, boulevard de Comporté in La Malbaie , in the beautiful region of Charlevoix, Quebec (Canada). La Malbaie is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, about an hour and a half (1h30) drive from Quebec City. Here are the driving directions to get to us.

From Quebec, take Route 138 East towards Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré to Baie-St-Paul. When you arrive in Baie-St-Paul, you will have the choice between continuing on the 138 East to La Malbaie or taking the 362 East, nicknamed “the river road”. The latter runs along the river and is considered one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Canada. If you choose the 362 East, be aware that this becomes Boulevard de Comporté when you arrive in the village. After crossing the railway line and crossing a traffic light, you will see the gallery on your left. If you decide to stay on the 138 East, once you arrive in La Malbaie, do not take the bridge and follow the road (which has become Boulevard de Comporté). You will pass a shopping center on your right. When you see an Irving gas station on your left, you will be 100 yards down the gallery on your right.