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Sophie Paquet

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Sophie Paquet, painter

Sophie Paquet is a contemporary painter from Quebec City. In a blend of abstract and figurative painting, she reinvents flowers. Energetic and spontaneous, her daring still lifes are true symphonies of colour, delightful ensembles of lines and curves.

Sophie Paquet - Floral élan

Date and place of birth
Sophie Paquet was born in Sherbrooke, in 1963.

Background and career
At a vey young age, Sophie Paquet discovered an interest in the arts. The artist actually is indebted to her late father, a decorator and architect with a passion for art, for passing on that passion for painting and a certainty about her future. It was therefore taken for granted that Sophie would enrol in plastic arts at the CÉGEP in Sainte-Foy. In 1985, she earned a bachelor of visual arts degree from Université Laval. To round out her university education, she returned to the CÉGEP in Sainte-Foy, where she took courses in graphic design. Her preferred media are acrylics on paper and canvas, and oil pastels.

As a rising figure in the world of painting, Sophie Paquet has exhibited regularly since 1989.

Work and art
Sophie Paquet believes that her most spontaneous paintings are her best. There is no room in her art for regrets and hesitancy that would diminish the effects of her temperament, reflected in energy and movement. She has always had a fascination with dynamic colour. In her work, variety and asymmetry contribute to a vibrant and exciting composition! Her interest in painting is driven by leaps of the heart, impassioned tributes to nature with a focus on balance, light, youth and beauty.

Her essentially expressionist paintings are characterized by great sensuality fostered by a unique sense of colour and gesture.

The flowers presented to us by the painter convey the strength, impertinence, sparkle, freshness and malice of the faces of children who slice through the world from top to bottom to anchor the images more effectively.

Her canvas is as lush as ripe fruit. She uses fine, subtle, velvety colours, interlaced volumes, bold lines, composition free of apparent complication, in creations that are neither simple nor naive. Her work is the outcome of masterful work that conveys to everyone the flavour of living, a dedication to work, and a fresh breath of creativity.


Sophie Paquet is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since 2004.