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Guy Roy

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Guy Roy, Signature
Guy Roy, painter

A landscape painter, Guy Roy particularly loves the beautiful region of Charlevoix, for its nature, its mountains, its light and its immensity. For 40 years, he has been painting in oil and on the motif, most often in large formats that allow him to show the grandeur of nature. And after all these years of work, he still loves color as much and uses it in all its shades and values.

Guy Roy - The immensity of Charlevoix

Date and place of birth
Guy Roy was born in East Broughton in the Thetford Mines region on April 8, 1948.

Background and career
After high school, he attended Laval University, where he earned a BA in Psychology in 1971. He taught this discipline for two years at the Collège de la région de l'Amiante then became an educational consultant, a position he held for 32 years before retiring in 2003.

Quite by accident, in 1982, he discovered painting, and it was love at first sight. He regularly attended Raymond Lachance workshops and continued his training with Marcel Rousseau at the Moulin des Arts in Saint-Etienne de Lauzon. At the same time, he followed intensive sessions with other painters, including Jean-Paul Ladouceur, Maurice Lebon and Nicole Foreman. With this foundation, he pursued his development with enthusiasm, and over the years painting became a passion and eventually a profession that he happily practiced full time. "The more I paint," he says, "the more I enjoy painting (...) You have to dare and, above all, paint to enjoy yourself. I discovered in painting a mode of expression that sticks to my skin."

Guy Roy, painter

Work and art
For Guy Roy, painting rhymes with nature, so much so that most of his works represent the Quebec landscape. "When I started painting, I quickly discovered what interested me in painting. I can summarize my approach and my path as a painter in these few words: immensity of nature, colors, light, contrasts, depth and boldness. I have always loved to paint the splendor of landscapes. That is why I have painted and continue to paint large pictures to show how big nature is and how small we humans are."

Enjoying working on the motif, Guy Roy has always had a special bond with the Charlevoix region; "I have been going there regularly for over 40 years, especially in the fall, when the colors are at their best. The cascading mountains, the sea, its winding roads, its typical houses and the very special light have made me discover another facet of my painting, that is the study of depth and plans."

Guy Roy is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since July 2022 , exclusively for Quebec.