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Jennifer Spaccino

Jennifer Spaccino, signing

Jennifer Spacino, painter

Jennifer Sparacino is a contemporary painter from British Columbia, born in 1982. Her work, which focuses primarily on animals, is characterized by Fauvist-inspired colours and boldly applied paint with strong graphic patterns and textures.

Jennifer Sparacino - Raw energy and spirit of nature

Date and place of birth
Jennifer Sparacino was born in British Columbia in 1982. She currently lives in Chilliwack, a rural town East of Vancouver, B.C. Creativity and self-expression have been an important part of her life. Countless hours spent in nature throughout childhood and adolescence have also been a substantial influence.

Background and career
In 2007, Jennifer received her 3-year diploma in Graphic Design, Commercial Illustration and Fine Art (IDEA Program) from Capilano University. From then, painting has become her full time passion. Between 2006 and 2010, while working as a graphic designer for a newspaper and then a marketing agency, she expanded her knowledge of painting in workshops with several artists through the Federation of Canadian Artists.

In 2011, Jennifer began working full time as an artist, with painting as her primary means of expression. She continues to work at developing her unique style and interpretations of various subjects, committed to achieving a balance between craftsmanship, spontaneity and personal expression.

Work and art
Jennifer considers her style to be mostly representational and expressionistic. She hints at reality while expressing her own visual interpretation of her subjects, mixing dreamlike colour with detailed and realistic renditions of animals. Strong composition, careful design structure and the effective use of the white space are all the elements developed in her design background and evident in the style of her paintings.

Sparacino’s current body of work has focused largely on animals and florals as subject matter, characterized by Fauvist-inspired colours and boldly applied paint with strong graphic patterns and textures. She is very skilled at using different shades and tints, as well as different colours altogether, to build up the volume of a given subject and create a lifelike, three-dimensional appearance. Small, square-ish brush marks and sketchy, thin painted lines give furry and feathery animals added texture.

Sparacino's work reflects her love of nature, animals and the human experience. The majority of her acrylics on canvas show a blank or monochromatic background, depicting the subject in a close-up, portrait-style view. Wild animals have become for her ​​“a way of showcasing the intense presence or immediacy of living in the moment -they are simply being”. Her work definitely offers a new angle of viewing flora and fauna.

Jennifer Sparacino is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since September 2018, exclusively for Eastern Canada.