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Susie Cipolla

Susie Cipolla

Susie Cipolla, painter

Susie Cipolla lives in Pemberton, British Columbia. She is a passionate acrylic painter with an excellent sense of composition, which is reflected in her many and varied themes.

Susie Cipolla - Talent & determination

Date and place of birth
Susie Cipolla was born in Vancouver in 1958. Since then, she has always lived in the area of British Columbia known as the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. After years spent in Whistler, she now lives on a vast property north of Pemberton.

Background and career
With a degree in physiotherapy, Susie started a career as a physiotherapist. This enthusiastic business woman founded and headed a group of physiotherapy clinics. The year 2009 was a major turning point in her life, when she attended a first workshop with painter Brian Atyeo and discovered a genuine passion for painting. That same year, she left the healthcare field to devote all her time to her artistic research, an initiative she would pursue with determination for the next six years. She completed a succession of training workshops interspersed with serendipitous encounters with the likes of Robert Genn, Mike Svob and David Langevin, to name just a few of the artists whose talent and generosity have marked her progress.Susie Cipolla, painter

Susie’s work is now exhibited in Canada at galleries in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

She has been a Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2006, and is extensively involved in the arts community in Western Canada. With a desire to “pass on her knowledge to the next generation,” she is one of the founders of the Whistler Out of Bounds Artist Group and makes her huge studio available to artist friends for training sessions.
Susie Cipolla, painter

Her work and art
While acrylic is definitely Susie Cipolla’s favourite medium, she works in a very wide range of themes. This artist likes to portray a host of subjects, from wild animals and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest to boats, sailboats and kayaks, old buildings and farm animals, trucks, cars and bicycles. Everything is a source of rapture for this artist blessed with an infallible sense of composition and colour. Keeping an eye open and constantly taking a fresh look at what surrounds her is the leitmotiv of this artist who never ceases to surprise.

Susie Cipolla is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since May 2016, exclusively for Eastern Canada.