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Vladimir Horik

Vladimir Horik, signature

Vladimir Horik, painter

Vladimir Horik was born of Ukrainian parents in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1939. An accomplished artist, he explores in a very personal way the many secrets of the Charlevoix region, his adopted home since the 1960s. His brilliant colour harmonies, spectacular light effects and fiery brushstrokes are instantly recognizable.

Vladimir Horik - The alchemist of colour

Date and place of birth
Vladimir Horik was born of Ukrainian parents in Edmonton, Alberta on 14 February 1939. He grew up in Western Canada and still feels a deep love for the forest and the land.

Background and career
At the age of 17, driven by a thirst for adventure and travel, Vladimir joined the army. For nine years, as paratrooper and communications specialist, he had the opportunity to live in several provinces of Canada. In the early 1960s, he settled in Quebec and left the military to take formal training in art. He graduated from the École des beaux-arts in Quebec City and later earned a teaching certificate in plastic arts from Université Laval.

Since 1971, Horik has lived in the Charlevoix hinterland, a majestic natural setting he has made his own, where he has found peace and draws inspiration. In his light-filled studio with sweeping views of valley and mountain, Vladimir paints his beloved Charlevoix while calmly drawing on his pipe, surrounded by a host of evocative objects, his vibrant colours and brushes. For many years, this mature painter has achieved great success across Canada and in Europe.
Vladimir Horik, painter

Work and art
Vladimir Horik explores his world of light in such a personal way that his generous brush strokes and sharp contrasts are immediately recognizable. Vladimir splashes his canvases with luminescent colours and powerful contrasts drawn from the twilight hours. His landscapes literally are inflamed with glowing embers of light imperceptibly softened by first snowfall. His bold brushstrokes create skies that must be seen firsthand to be believed!

The development of space is a key feature of Horik’s work. A high or low-angle perspective in his paintings creates a feeling of vastness and space that actually allows his landscapes to breathe. Horik also has no hesitation in recreating landscapes by mixing or recomposing personal memories and setting them against elements that man or nature would never bring together. With his tools and supplies packed in a kit bag, he strikes out in search of fabulous images to feed his creative spirit. Exploring the hinterland as well as the shore, he is quick to venture off the beaten path in search of hidden beauty often unnoticed by the jaded eye.

Vladimir Horik is a very accomplished artist, often cited as one of the most talented and influential of his generation.

Vladimir Horik is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since 1986.

Vladimir Horik and Rémi Clark, painters

Two master painters of the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery, Vladimir Horik and Rémi Clark .